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The village of Madara is situated in North-East Bulgaria. The village is 4 km away South from the highway Sofia -Varna and can be reached in 40 minutes with a car from Varna city, and in 10 min. from Shumen. The village is situated under the mystical rocks of the National historical and archaeological preserve Madara and the Madara Horseman – The global symbol of Bulgaria.


Мадарски конник

Today Madara is one of the most visited tourist sites in the Bulgaria. The wealth of open-air archeological monuments dating from 4000 B.C. to the 15th century give reasons for researchers to call Madara the "Bulgarian Troyan". The most remarkable monument in the preserve is the unique rock relief Madara Horseman. The only in Europe, it is a model of old Bulgarian art and symbolizes the power and greatness of the Bulgarian state. The inscriptions around the horseman are written in the Greek language, revealing the entrance of three Bulgarian Khans -Tervel, Krum, Omurtag . The Madara Horseman is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
In the historical sciences Madara is well-known as a religious center. Found here are sanctuaries, Christian churches, chapels. During the 14th century, in the rocks of the plateau, the biggest Bulgarian rock monastery was created with over 150 chambers.
Near to Madara are:
- The National historical and archaeological preserve Madara;
- The first Bulgarian capital - Pliska; (10 minutes with a car)
- The second Bulgarian capital - Veliki Preslav; (30 minutes with a car)
- The National preserve Patleina. (40 minutes with a car)
The city of Shumen with its sights: (10 minutes with a car)
- The monument “1300 years Bulgaria”;
- The historical and archaeological preserve “The Fortress of Shumen”;
- Tombul mosque.
The city of Provadia with its sights: (20 minutes with a car)
- The ancient fortress “Ovech”
- Prehistoric and Thracian tumulus “Salt-pit”- The first salt-producing in Europe.
- A lot of monasteries and tombs cut in the rocks.
The city of Devnya with its sights: (30 minutes with a car)
- Museum of Mosaics;
- The magical spring;
- The nature preserve “Pobiti Kamuni”.
The city of Varna and Golden Sands seaside resort. (40 minutes with a car)